About Us

About Us



Kapele Business Services is established as a BUSINESS SOLUTION company in SOUTH AFRICA.  It is an integrator of competitive and practical business solutions based on Information and Communication Technology. The company has proven track records in designing and implementing business solutions for many successful companies both within public and private sector.

Our organization is one of the leading companies that strives to maintain excellence by delivering products and services that encapsulate the basic needs of its highly valued customers in South Africa. We are poised to address the challenges of the industry through our unique creativity.




Kapele Business Services is a 100% black owned company established in South Africa. We are poised to give sophistication to quality services as well as give satisfaction to our customers and create a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.


Investors Relation

Kapele Business Services is a service-oriented company that targets all business sectors. We aim to serve both public and private organizations ranging from government parastatals, agencies nor departments to corporate bodies and educational institutions.


Company Mission


Kapele Business Services is committed to self-reliance and serves as a one-stop solution for all our clients in every aspects of all business solutions, educational training and office supplies requirements.
Through the application of our knowledge of business and IT, building business relationships and effective service delivery and continued success of Kapele clients, we will remained recognized as a premier industry in the provision of corporate business services.


Our Vision


To maintain the leadership role in our services by not compromising on service delivery, adhering to quality standards and becoming the first choice to our clients where issues of excellence service delivery is concerned.


Our Commitment


Kapele's success is contingent on choosing the right people for the right jobs, the right technology for the right task, and the right acquisitions for the right growth. We are committed to high quality service to our customers; and to provide customers with the best solutions and service in the industry.